A Leisure Destination

Enjoy connecting with the natural splendor of Bosnia and Herzegovina in an ideal setting in a lush green residential community.

Loulou Resort, located in the pyramid city of Visoko, comprises of 52 premium residential villas surrounded by nature overlooking picturesque landscapes, streams and lakes. Every home at Loulou Resort enjoys fresh air, natural lighting and has its own private garden.

Enjoy the comfort and safety of your new home to the fullest in a place that symbolizes the beauty of our country.

Why we choose


Visoko is a top tourist destination of Bosnia & Herzegovina, located just 30 kilometres away from the Capital city of Sarajevo. Along with its notable cultural and historic heritage, Visoko is also known for its contributions to music, art & sport.

We believe in preserving the natural environment for our future generation by supporting sustainable agriculture at Loulou Resort. Our aim is to cultivate a better world through eco-positive living to save energy and protect the environment.

The Only Natural Pyramids on Earth